The Bartlesville Oklahoma Chapter of SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) of Bartlesville, Oklahoma is active in the three areas of SAR mission:  patriotism, historical, and education. The members of the SAR society work with local school systems and community as well as youth and community to improve the understanding of the history of the United States and the individual member lineage.

SAR commemorates and provides memorials for the people and events of the American Revolution.

SAR preserves records relating to the events leading up to and during the American Revolution.

SAR supports and participates in civic and patriotic events and observances such as the Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Armed Forces Day, Flag Day, Patriots Day, Bill of Rights Day, Constitution Day and dates of battles of the Revolutionary War.


Local SAR members and spouses dress as citizens of the revolutionary period and visit school classrooms to discuss day-to-day life during the Revolutionary period, battles of the revolution, and hardships in the lives of Revolutionary citizens.  SAR also distributes material to schools to assist teachers on the impact and events of the American Revolution war.


Local SAR Society partners with the local DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter) to take part in local parades and provide needed supplies to veterans homes and hospitals.


The local SAR is working to improve service to the community, and schools in the areas of patriotism, historical information, and education for our youth and citizens on the American Revolution, and support veterans of our armed forces of the United States of American.