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Music of the Revolutionary War

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Overmountain Victory

The American Revolution War in 1780 was at a stalemate. The British strategy was built on rallying Americans to fight for the British Empire.  In May of 1780 the British captured Charleston, SC, as well as an estimated 5,000 patriots. To counter the British strategy American militias set out to the southeast resulting in two major battles (King’s Mountain and Cowpens) that have been referred to as the turning point of the American Revolution. The following points provide information on these Battles and strategy of the American militias:


The following audio video resources have been identified to better help and understand the impact of two important battles (King’s Mountain and Cowpens) of the Revolutionary War.  Because these are resources there may be advertising as part of the lead in to the audio video presentation or in the middle of the presentation. You should be able to click on the URL to get to the presentation. If the URL does not work, you can copy and paste the URL to have the presentation start.

43.42 minutes, Frontier: Decisive Battles: King’s Mountain

8:16 minutes, The Scotch-Irish and the battle of King’s Mountain

21:05 minutes, Decisive Battle: King’s Mountain 1/2

22:36 minutes, Decisive Battle: King’s Mountain 2/2

7:23 minutes, Cowpens: A Brilliant Victory / Southern Campaign

12:27 minutes, Miracle of three Rivers. The Battle of Cowpens

6:34 minutes, Battle of Cowpens

5:03 minutes, Battle of Cowpens Facts

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